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Maniac Issue #3: Standard Edition - Only 600 Copies!


Maniac Issue #3: Standard Edition! - Unsigned


SHIPPING UPDATE: As you probably know our books are printed in China and The Maniac #3 print run was right in the middle of Chinese New Year unfortunately, so the books are a week late. But look for our shipping tracking emails the first week of March! -Thanks 

Here's what you get:

Maniac Issue #3:

Beautiful full-color 50 page comic book with highest quality printing and paper! You get TWO Full stories in this issue kids, not only do you get the continuation of our Maniac adaptation and you also get the finale New York Ripper vs Maniac! 

Written by Stephen Romano with art by Pat Carbajal. Colors by Fatboy 

Everything is sealed and stickered by hand in shrink-wrap in our special variant cover Eibon Sleeve with incredible cover art by Pat Carbajal!

The Standard Edition also contains the following awesome special features:

- 2 limited edition Trading Card only available in this edition

- 1 full color Maniac Sticker only available in this edition. 


IMPORTANT DOMESTIC SHIPPING NOTE:  Maniac #3 is a 50 page Double Issue and weighs more than our other books. We are not charging more but shipping is higher unfortunately. You can still get one copy shipped first class but two or more copies weigh too much for first class and will be in the next weight class and have to ship priority mail. Thanks

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